Core Guiding Principles






Fiduciary First
The most important guiding principle is the fiduciary standard, which means we will always place our client’s best interest ahead of our own.  A true fiduciary is client centric in every action and bound by the highest standard of integrity.  It is our responsibility to always act in our client’s best interests and strive to minimize conflicts of interests.  We are independent, have no broker dealer affiliation and are not compensated by anyone for selling certain products.

Partner Mentality
We were independent investors before we became independent advisors.  The principals and employees at JRM Investment Counsel generally own the same securities as clients.  The only exceptions are securities with limited availability (e.g., small issue municipal bonds) when there is not enough supply to meet our clients’ desired allocation.  Although each client portfolio is unique and asset allocation and securities owned reflects their financial goals and objectives, we strive to partner along side our clients by investing with them.

Competence & Excellence
Capital markets are constantly changing.  Competence is only acquired through experience and a commitment to continual learning.  We will never rest on our laurels and will always strive for excellence.  We understand that what got us to "today" may not always get us to "tomorrow".

Respect & Privacy
Wealth is a private matter, and we believe it should stay that way.  It is a privilege to be entrusted with the responsibility of our clients’ confidence and we will manage each relationship with the respect and privacy it deserves.  Corporate entities and financial legacies alike need to be able to trust their advisor with sensitive information so that we can serve them to the best of our ability. There are no compromises when it comes to safeguarding our client’s private matters.



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