Consultative Process

The advisor client relationship is built upon a foundation of mutual trust and understanding.  Each person, family and institution is unique and the range of services required to achieve their financial goals can vary considerably.  At JRM Investment Counsel we focus first on listening and understanding before providing any advice.  We have a multi-step consultative process for discussing financial goals, developing investment objectives and implementing a strategy to achieve them.  As time, investment experience, quantity of wealth and priorities evolve so too should the strategy.

Initial Consultation
During the initial consultation, we discuss investment experience, risk tolerance, financial goals, income needs and investment time horizon in order to assess your situation and determine how it could be improved by working together.  If appropriate, we will introduce potential strategies to better meet your financial goals and objectives.  We do not expect to be the best solution for everyone, and if we are not confident that we can make a difference we will say so.

Investment Objectives
After assessing your current situation and understanding your needs, goals and expectations, we will draft an Investment Objectives document to guide our services and investment management practices including, asset allocation, investment constraints, income needs, return objective, risk tolerance, tax mitigation strategies and legacy wealth transfer strategies, if applicable.  Together, we will thoroughly review the plan to ensure there is mutual understanding.  Upon approval, we will move forward to the on boarding process.

On Boarding
We offer full service support for opening accounts and transferring assets to an approved third party custodian (e.g., TD Ameritrade Institutional). JRM Investment Counsel does not take custody of client assets. Client account(s) are owned and titled in their respective name, with JRM Investment Counsel authorized as limited power of attorney to buy and sell securities.  We will set up accounts, handle transfers, log-in credentials and provide proactive service for any needs as you join our Firm.

Investment Strategy Implementation
Once accounts have been opened and funded, we begin implementing the strategies detailed in the Investment Objectives guiding document.  Trade confirmations and account statements are provided by the third party custodian.  JRM Investment Counsel will provide a quarterly Portfolio Performance Report, and when appropriate supporting commentary detailing our perspective on capital markets and performance attribution.  In addition, each client has online access to view their portfolio on demand.

Portfolio Management
As each client’s situation evolves and capital markets change, we will make adjustments to portfolios.  This could include adding or removing investments or re-balancing the portfolio to established asset allocation targets.  In certain situations, it may be appropriate to modify the originally agreed upon asset allocation from the Investment Objectives guiding document.  Generally in these cases, we would discuss these recommendations prior to implementation. Private portfolio reviews can be conducted with clients at most any scheduled interval (e.g., quarterly, semi-annually, annually, etc.) and in many cases even on demand.


JRM Investment Counsel will also work closely with each client’s accountant, attorney or other financial professional to assist with tax, estate or other legal needs required by their financial situation.


The consultative process is continuous.  Lives change and consequently so do financial plans.  We will always be inquisitive in our interactions with clients and will always make ourselves available for counsel no matter the financial challenge our clients encounter.


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